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Taking advantage of Alternative EarthCare’s Lawn Care Services in Suffolk County is the only way to keep your lawn looking its best! Having proper lawn care is essential for magnifying the beauty of a home. Did you know that having a plush green lawn can even increase the value of your home when you go to sell?

Our customers are always receiving compliments from their neighbors and friends, asking them how they do it. The answer to any lawn growth problem or the desire to keep something beautiful is simple: Alternative EarthCare!



In Suffolk County, look to us for all your lawn care service needs

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Why We Are The Best Choice for Lawn Care in Suffolk County !!!

You can be sure our knowledgeable technicians will recommend the best treatment plan for you. Our deep understanding of Suffolk County’s natural soil conditions, as well as horticulture in general is the key to our success. That is why we obtain far superior results than those of our competitors.

Our Lawn Care Services offer solutions for a vast array of different soil conditions, which means not every lawn should be, or ever is, cared for the same way. We customize our services to meet the needs of your specific landscape. This includes the type of grass you have, the location of your home on the Island (ie. is your home near water, on a hill, etc. all of which determines the type of soil you have and how far down ground water is from the surface).



Why Soil Types of Suffolk County Matter For You

Do you know what kind of soil you have in your yard? Is it the same throughout? For instance, the most common soil type of Suffolk County is the Haven Loam. The surface soil of Haven Loam is consists of deep, well drained medium textured soil that formed in a loamy or silted mantle over stratified coarse and sandy gravel. Haven Soils have high to moderate available moisture capacity. The response of lime and lawn fertilizer is good. Internal drainage is also very good.

So what does this mean for your lawn? When we come and do an evaluation we determine the soil type, type of grass, and note any particular problems you have experienced with particular bugs or issues of growth, disease, etc. With all of this knowledge we then develop a customized plan to service your lawn, creating and maintaining a beautiful landscape to surround your home.


What Products Do We Use On Your Lawn?

We provide our customer’s with superior products geared for Long Island soils that are applied at proper rates throughout the year. Whether it is an Organic program or Synthetic, our products are always of the highest quality and will yield the best results for your property`s specific needs!

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