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Shoreham is one of the worst areas in the country for the spread of and incidents of tick borne diseases such as Lyme disease and Powassan Virus. The deer tick is the main culprit and the disease is spread to the tick from mice not deer, although they call it the deer tick giving a false impression of origination. There are several other tick borne diseases worth mentioning, those being Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. Both of these come with their own specific set of mild to severe symptoms and can be life threatening like Lyme Disease and Powassan Virus.




Just One Tick Bite can result in getting Lyme’s Disease. The regimen to treat such a disease is the use of all the supplements and antibiotics in the picture’s below. One bite can cause a regimen of this type of treatment for least 2 years before remission can occur.



Mosquito Bites On Child           Mosquito Bite Danger



The Long Island Tick Control Program is thriving and skyrocketing everyday here in Shoreham, the incidents of tick related diseases have become more and more rampant over the last few years. The reason for this is the long hard winters providing snow which gives ticks and insulation blanket. This allows for less die back and an explosion of more bigger and deadlier ticks every new season here on Long Island. Below is how we control Ticks in Shoreham monthly throughout the tick season.



Our horticulture sprays are applied every 3-4 weeks. Our Long Island tick control experts will come onto the property and spray any and all trees, shrubs, and grounds as well as property lines, pool areas, ponds etc. This will drastically help with the tick population on your property so there will no longer be a threat to you and your family!

April – This is the foundation of tick control. Eliminating the emerging adult ticks before the reproduce is the key to success in tick control on Long Island NY.

May to June – This application is best in targeting eggs and fully mature ticks. Killing the females are imperative in tick extermination.

July to August – This tick removal application targets hatching eggs, ultimately leading to the control of a large and dangerous population of deer ticks and other common Long Island ticks.

September – Performed to maintain and kill any unwanted ticks brought into your home or on your property through clothing transfer, pets and other reasons.

October to November – This is when ticks on Long Island become most aggressive. In an attempt to feed before hibernation, ticks are the biggest problem on Long Island NY.


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Tick Tubes

Spring/Fall – Damminix tick applications. Best for use in yards near woods or fields. Tubes of tick poisoned cotton treated with Permetherin which are strategically places around your property. Rodents and other small animals are huge carriers of ticks. By smaller animals using this cotton as bedding in the wooded area’s we are able to take the Permethrin treatment deeper into the woods where the ticks live and populate.


As we all know Long Island is a very special area and unique in so many ways with its pristine environment and local feel. For over 25 years Alternative Earthcare has been servicing the East End of Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk County with Tick Sprays and Non Tick Spray Treatments. We are a family owned and operated local business with thousand of happy customers here in the Long Island. Our commitment here in Long Island is to make sure you get that real down home caring quality service that you might expect from an environment, where every-one knows everyone else. We are also committed to our environment and use only least toxic products to control the Ticks like Garlic Oils, Cedar Oils and Diatomaceous Earth.


LETS WIN THE FIGHT AGAINST TICK BORN VIRUSES IN YOUR YARD AND ALSO FOR THE SAEFTY OF YOUR FAMILY. We provide the traditional least toxic spray methods as well as effective non spray control products like Tick Tubes as well. WE GUARANTEE our work and look forward to hearing from you.


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