Having an in ground lawn and landscape sprinkler system is the single best possible factor in maintaining the vitality and health of your property. A sprinkler system can be and should be way more than just about the lawn. Every living plant or tree or shrub on your property needs water to survive, and Mother Nature does not always cooperate with regular watering. Our technicians have over 37 years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing lawn sprinkler systems in Nassau, Suffolk and the East End of Long Island. Supergreen Irrigation is also fully licensed, certified, and adequately insured. We are always doing our homework and using the best products available. Products like weather activated water metering software controllers that save lots of water and money on water bills, or the latest in anywhere control and smart home technology, we have all the latest and greatest, top quality products.

Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance

As late fall approaches and the cold weather begins to set in you need to begin to think about turning off your sprinkler system. The worst possible event that can happen to your system is freezing. If your system freezes it would be extremely costly to fix and could possibly require the entire system be replaced for thousands of dollars. This process would be even more expensive than a new system alone because your entire old system would need to come out of the ground. Winterizing the sprinkler system is NOT a simple service and requires very specialized equipment and the proper process, done in the right order. Do not let anyone but a certified, licensed technician touch your system. All of our technicians are certified and trained to use this equipment. This equipment is very powerful yet precisely metered to not put too much pressure into the system in order to push all the residual water out. If all of the residual water is not completely removed from the system including all the components, main lines, valves, heads, accessory pumps, solenoid valves, sump pumps etc,. catastrophic damage will occur over the winter and the entire system could be compromised. Each zone must be blown out separately.



The first step for your new lawn sprinkler system is having one of our design service managers come to your home and speak with you about all our different product options and capabilities only after surveying the area to be irrigated.

Very Important: We will take a pressure reading of your existing water main line which will determine many factors along the way. We will then after careful consideration draw out the new system taking into consideration all possible elements like clock and electrical service locations, soil type and drainage, grass types, different head types for flowers beds, landscape planting configurations, slope angles, sun and shade variables, plumbing and manifold locations, etc. Our proposal will include a full rendition drawing of the system with all components labeled including number of zones and heads per zone. We will then present you a formal proposal with pricing, timing, and dates of completion. We will take every possible step to insure your new system meets and beats all your performance expectations. All best possible efforts will be made to stay with your budget.

Quote On Pricing: When it comes to sprinkler components there are lots of varying levels of quality parts. We will only use the very best components with full multiyear warrantees. Please keep that in mind. We will not cut corners for price. We are committed to building systems that will last for last decades!


Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance


So it’s time to install your sprinkler system. Our installation team has over 30 years of combined experience installing custom residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems. Our team leader begins with our agreed schematic and lays out the entire system with each component carefully placed. We have a very thorough protocol checklist to make sure everything (all parts and the layout itself) is exactly what is in our agreement. All of the hardware, clock and controllers, valves, rain sensors, manifold and specific heads and piping are accounted for right down to the hardware and clamps. One of the most important quality control factors is that each technician is specialized at each separate part of the project. We have plumbing experts, wiring experts, and home smart system tech experts on staff. Each person is proficient and fully trained on each aspect of the system.

All piping is put down with a very specialized pipe puller machine that only leaves a small slit in the ground so as to minimize any damage to the lawn and surrounded landscape. Sometimes a system will require that we have to go under paver pathways and driveways etc. We have very powerful air boring machines and soil penetrating “missiles” that can go under any sized walkway.

Every property is different and we want to make sure we disturb as little as possible as it relates to plant material and vital root systems. We sometimes need to do quite a bit of hand digging around retaining walls, sensitive flower and shrub beds, and pool and paver areas, anywhere our large pipe puller can’t get to. We want the property to look like we were never there, except, you have a great brand new lawn sprinkler system watering everything on the property.


Supergreen Irrigation is a fully licensed and properly insured company (umbrella policies) in place including workers compensation. We are listed and licensed with Consumer Affairs. We are current members and A + rated with the Better Business Bureau. We are an Elite member of Home Advisor. We belong to all major sprinkler associations and agencies. Every one of our certified technicians has over ten years experience in the lawn Sprinkler business. They all have to pass our unique in house certification program for products, safety, and company procedures. Not to sound clich√© but you’re in good hands. All our work is guaranteed and components are warranteed! One and three year warrantees available.



We are dealers for and/or use the following various product lines: Toro Lawn Sprinklers, Hunter Industries, Irritrol, K Rain, Weathermatic, Rachio Smart Systems, Rainbird Sprinklers, Hermit Crab ET Water, Netafim Drip Irrigation Products, Flux Boosting Systems, Tuco Hybrid Systems, and all major top brands.

Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance


There are many reasons for having the right water timer or clock to control the water for your lawn sprinkler system. The most important and obvious is to turn the water on and off automatically, and to do so at certain predetermined intervals. There are many options with this frequency feature such as watering on certain days of the week, odd and even days, and some towns and villages only allow certain watering frequencies.

Not so long ago these clocks were somewhat burdensome and confusing to use and were not reliable due to mechanical limitations during power spikes and outages, staying on during rain events, over and under watering tendencies (wasting water and super high water bills) etc. All this has changed now with new menu driven, tablet like smart clocks that are a breeze to operate.


With features like battery backup, intelligent self-adjusting weather predicting software applications (measuring evapotranspiration in the soil with precision moisture sensors) saving huge amounts of water with-out denying your lawn and landscape one drop of water they need, internet and Wi-Fi remote operating capability from your phone or a hand held remote control, self-diagnosing zone abnormalities (notifies you and contractor when a problem exists before you see a problem with the lawn/landscape), off location flow monitoring compensators, dashboard internet analytics and reports (watch and monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world), high wind detectors, sending alerts, and vast amounts of great technological advances all designed to make your lawn and landscape healthier AND look better all while lowering your water bill giving you lots of peace of mind. Having the best lawn on the block is easy with Supergreen!


All of this technology is available and affordable with the right irrigation company guiding you. Supergreen’s design and installation team is well versed in every possible component, software and accessory options for your desires, expectations and budget.

Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance


The most visual and common type of sprinkler head is the rotary head. This type of head is designed to cover large areas of lawn in all directions and do so with lots of pressure to increase efficiency. These heads can be adjusted to cover virtual any area of a circle and can deliver plenty of water up to 65 feet or more in commercial applications. It is important to have a good technician installing these heads to make sure you get full coverage while not overlapping the other heads casing possible overwatering (disease and fungus) issues. The heads are available in different sizes according to your application and will retract back into the lawn (virtually out of sight) when not in use. Remember: Supergreen only uses the best possible commercial grade quality components available!


Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance


Mist heads are less noticeable but just as important as rotary heads to all of your plantings including shrub islands and flowerbeds. You gardens and specialty areas are the perfect place to put mist heads as they water quite a bit more delicately. A good, trained technician knows the difference for placement purposes. We don’t want to blast the heads off of those specialty rose bushes or any other valuable flower! These type of heads are also great for areas of precise watering needs such as around walkways, privacy hedges, and any designated area where you want to limit overspray. These heads can also be placed on extensions or stationary risers to get up and over certain areas to insure the rear plantings receive proper watering. Just like rotary heads these heads are designed to retract back into the lawn so as not to become an obstacle or tripping hazard while not in use.


Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance


Watering in the rain is not only costly and lawn damaging, but can be quite embarrassing. A rain sensor will tell your sprinkler system not to come on if it detects a certain amount of moisture or rain. This in turn reduces the watering, saving you money on your next water bill. Just as important though is that over watering your lawn in the rain can cause a host of cultural problems, disease and fungus being the primary culprits. Your watering habits should take into consideration that you want to strengthen the root system and encourage the root system to grow deep and outward, and not towards the surface. This helps with drought tolerance and discourages thatch (thick dead organic root matter that suffocates the lawn). A good rain sensor will keep your system off until the next watering cycle, when water is again, necessary. The automatic rain sensor an integral part of the sprinkler system and is wired to the clock/controller.



Think of these items as the plumbing inside your home behind the walls that connects all your water fixtures and appliances.You could have all top line appliances but if your pipes are brittle and leak, none of your equipment will ever run efficiently or perform properly. Just because we bury our piping and fittings underground doesn’t make them any less important.

Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance

We have seen many instances of thin, inferior, cheap piping and hardware used on brand new sprinkler systems that we were asked to repair due to malfunction, major flooding and property damage to extremely expensive landscapes. These parts are subjected to extreme conditions, freezing and contraction many times a year.


Believe it or not nozzles are an extremely important part of the system. Imagine washing your car with the hose nozzle leaking all over you and the stream of water not going where the hose is aimed, and you can’t get the flow or stream right. Frustrating right? The same is true for your sprinkler system as nozzles control water droplet size, stream volume and water flow distribution. All of this is important. The point being is the right nozzle adjusted by the right mechanic will make or break the systems performance and your lawns appearance.

Lawn Sprinklers - Installtion, Service And Maintenance


This form of irrigation is one of the best kept secrets in the industry.  A soaker hose type or drip irrigation system can be the most effective and efficient way to water. The water that is used all goes to the root system of the plant, none is lost to wind drift or high heat evaporation. One of the real benefits is also you can use the property while the system is watering.


This is important for several reasons because nothing is worse than a sprinkler system that comes on during a family barbeque. Another great part of an in ground drip irrigation system is you can add potted plants or box planters easily. The most basic form of a system consists of a main water source, a clock, a basic manifold and valves, a series of hoses and periodic weep holes in the hose. Drip irrigation systems can have components like “point source emitters” which can slowly deliver exact water amounts right to the plant and at variable PSI compensating pressures that differs from the main line. These emitters allow for different plants with varying water needs to work off the same constant pressure main line. These drip line systems are really great in a sandy hot environment where evaporation and constant quick drainage issues abound. Palm trees on a beach with various other tropical plantings would be a perfect example of a good application.


We are not done yet. When the system is completely installed we will run through a 40 point checklist of tests and inspections before we show you the system. We will then spend some time showing you how to operate your new system. We will run the system for you and show you all of the features. All of our components come with warranties, and we guarantee everything. We give you an owners package which includes all operating guides, our special guarantee document as well as all manufacturers’ product information so you know what you have right down to the hardware and component level. We want you to be very happy with the lawn sprinkler system for decades to come and we realize the best way to earn loyalty, referrals and yearly service from you is to give you a real world class, reliable system and exceed all of your expectations.