In our ongoing efforts to provide full service lawn and turf care for Long Island, in 2007 Alternative EarthCare expanded and opened our own irrigation division called Super Green Irrigation! We provide irrigation services that help maintain a beautiful healthy lawn and landscape without the hassle of wasteful, old-fashioned methods.


Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

  • Increases your property value
  • Saves you time and effort
  • Evenly distributes water to your plants to ensure healthy growth
  • Can lower the cost of water bills when used efficiently
  • Retain the value of your landscape: flowers, ornamentals, etc.

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Sprinkler System Installation

How Super Green Irrigation Can Help You

To help maintain a beautiful, healthy, and well-watered landscape, contact us today. We will work with you to determine what your property needs: new installation, location adjustments, replacements, etc. At Super Green Irrigation, we provide irrigation services for all of Long Island: Across the North and South shores of Nassau and Suffolk county and to the East end.


Special Services Provided by Super Green Irrigation


Not every landscape is the same. That’s why our Super Green Irrigation technicians are specially trained to assist you in deciding where the best locations for the sprinkler heads should to be placed. This will vary from home to home, depending on placement of your plants as well as environmental factors such as the amount of shade or sunlight, or soil consistency and drainage. Our technicians will know the best way to maximize efficiency on water use and ensure that all of your plants are well watered.

We are experienced in everything needed to complete a successful installation. This includes performing a very thorough evaluation of water pressure, and checking for electrical sources. This ensures a proper design that will meet your needs, and the needs of your landscape!


We specialize in the installation of high-end irrigation systems such as Hunter, Toro, and Rainbird sprinkler systems.

Water Timer

With this control both the technician and the homeowner are able to set watering times, days and frequencies according to your personal needs and desires.

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are one of the most important functions on an irrigation system. These sensors detect when it is raining, and will bypass the sprinklers so they do not turn on and waste water. Rain sensors are also imperative in order to protect the health of your lawn and plants, preventing over watering your plants, shrubs, flowerbeds and lawn!

Mist Heads

Mist heads are a great way to water flowerbeds, and some of the more pressure sensitive plantings on your property. Mist heads provide an even, wide spread misting of water to ensure maximum coverage, without harsh or harmful pressure that can damage certain plants.

Rotary Heads

Installing rotary heads on your property will provide a strong, steady rotating stream of water that covers large areas, such as your lawn.


Any services that are not covered under our home improvement license are performed by a licensed and insured Subcontractor.