Are You Having Bad Bad Weed Issues on Your Lawn, Now is the Time to Treat this Problem !!!!

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Are You Having Bad Bad Weed Issues on Your Lawn, Now is the Time to Treat this Problem !!!!

Our Fertilizer and Weed Control Applications

  • Best (CHO) Macro and Micro Nutrient Fertilizers Used

  • Least Toxic and Organic Programs Available

  • Field Technicians Compensated for results not revenue volume

  • Written Guaranteed Results

  • Fertilizers custom blended for Long Island soils

  • Various Fertilizer formulations for best seasonal results

  • Our focus is based on timely Weed Prevention, control is Secondary

  • We all full service irrigation services as well



Our Fertilizer and Methods

All of our fertilizers are of a top grade premium quality. There are so many different types of fertilizers. We choose to use a polymer sulfur urea coated blend when we do synthetic fertilizers. It extends the sustainability of the greening effect for many weeks. We do always try and use the least toxic methods and products available. We try to use, encourage and default to organic materials whenever and wherever possible. As a normal course of order we offer a fully organic lawn care program for those who are looking to keep some level of control of weeds and crabgrass through keeping the lawn thick and green, therefore crowding out the weeds to the degree possible with-out the use of synthetic herbicides. We also practice something called IPM (Integrated Pest Management) with our insect control measures. What this simply means is that we use as little traditional chemical products as possible and only on those specific plants or small areas that require it. We also try and practice it with our weed control applications and practices as well when it comes to synthetic/traditional weed control. This method prevents us broadcast spraying the entire lawn or property with chemical or petroleum synthetic herbicides and pesticides. We like to really thicken up the grass plant which in turn will crowd out the invading weed variety.

Our fertilizers are time released for the best absorption timing into the root system and to achieve the best long term sustained greening results. At certain times of the year we will combine our fertilizers and weed control because several things are happening at the same time. Your lawn needs fertilizer/nutrients and the weeds are beginning to germinate and spread. The weather really dictates what happens. We are always on top of the weather and the yearly weed trends that are developing and make our adjustments in a timely fashion.



It is important to remember that timing is everything for all your lawn weed and crabgrass problem.  Our staff will always make sure that all of our crabgrass/weed and other fertilizer applications are done at the right time of the yea.



Please contact one of our team lawn specialists for a free evaluation for your home at Suffolk (631) 862-5281 and  Nassau (516) 252-3588.


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