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So When Should I Fertilize my Lawn

Fertilizer applications are typically spread out.

  1. The first occurring in the early spring,
  2. The second in late spring,
  3. The third in mid-summer, and
  4. The fourth in early fall, and
  5. The fifth fertilizer application in late fall,
  6. Sometimes a winter application will also be recommended.

Applying Fertilizer in Spring-

The first two applications of the year will have a fertilizer to boost the growth of the turf.

A post emergent to kill the weeds that have germinated, and also a pre-emergent to prevent the weeds from germinating in the summer.

These first two applications are the most important as they will set you up for success. If they are not properly applied, then you will not have very good results.

Mid-Summer Fertilizer Application-

The mid-summer lawn fertilizer application is generally a light fertilizer to promote color and growth through the rough summer.

Fall Lawn Fertilizer Application-

The fall applications are applied in conjunction with seeded to promote seed germination and also take care of any weeds that pop up in the fall.

Finally Apply Fertilizer in the Winter-

The winter fertilizer application should you get one helps maintain color and health throughout the cold months.

Now, if you are a diehard do it yourself, you can apply the applications yourself.

However by the time you buy the needed fertilizers and chemicals and factor your time, the cost will be about the same.

Most people don’t know this, but if you tackle it yourself, you should work with a good local supply company, such as your local CO-OP, or your locally owned lawn and garden shop. Here’s why, typically these stores will have a more knowledgeable staff than the big box stores.

The Challenges of Fertilizing Your Own Lawn-

One of the main challenges to tackling this yourself is the spraying of the weeds that have already popped up.

The pros have big tanks of chemical that they use, but you will have to use a granular weed and feed. This product will not work unless you apply it doing the very early morning while the grass is still wet from the due, as the particles have to stick to the leaves of the weeds in order to be effective in killing the weed.