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Learn about Long Island's most recent mosquito spraying and how it effects insect control. Also discover how responsible pesticide spraying plays a major role in keeping our environment clean.

Mosquito Spraying on Long Island

At Alternative EarthCare we are passionate about taking care of the environment and our customers, through responsible lawn care, tick and mosquito removal and many other services. Here on Long Island mosquitos have recently tested positive for the West Nile virus. In response and in a proactive attempt to diminish the mosquito population, Long Island was sprayed for mosquitoes last week. Do you know how mosquito spraying is done? Below we have briefly explained it for you. As our neighbors we want you to be informed about what goes on on Long Island in order to make informed decisions for the health of your family and our beautiful Long Island ecosystem.


Recent Mosquito Spraying

Pesticides were sprayed by helicopters above Islip, Southampton, Riverhead, and South hold on the week of July 9. Pesticides were also dropped onto the salt marshes in Babylon, Gilgo, West Gilgo, Cedar Beach and Oak Island. These areas are renowned mosquito breeding grounds.

This approach of spraying localized pesticides is in our opinion highly effective as it directly targets where the mosquitos congregate in the largest numbers. Therefore the highest number of mosquitos can be killed while using as little pesticides as possible to accomplish this. Although pesticides are considered to not be harmful to humans or animals when sprayed in this manner, it is simply common knowledge that the chemicals in pesticides themselves or not 100% safe for people or animals. It is even a current theory that the shellfish and specifically the lobster population is being weekend by the broad spectrum spraying of pesticides.


Responsible Pesticide Spraying

The health concerns of the environment and ourselves is why it is so important to have a knowledgeable person such as our employees at Alternative EarthCare to apply pesticides when necessary. Our experts know when it’s necessary and would never recommend their use just to appease a worried homeowner. We work with our customers through our free estimates and evaluations to establish the best plan for caring for their property. Aside from tick and mosquito control we also provide tree spraying services to keep insects and bugs from destroying your landscape.

There are many solutions for mosquito problems beyond pesticides sprays. We offer a multitude of solutions for insect infestation, including tick and mosquito solutions that are effective enough to protect your family’s health while being ever mindful of our environmental impact. Contact Alternative Earthcare today for a free insect control evaluation.