At Alternative EarthCare we offer a series of preventative and active insect horticultural sprays that are applied to the trees, shrubs and grounds, to eradicate and control insects and bugs from destroying your landscape, make it nice to be outside as well as keeping the bugs out of the house. Our ground sprays control the low lying insects like ticks, mosquitos, fleas, and grubs. These applications work best when applied every 3-4 weeks apart during the active insect season. Not only are the bugs destructive to your landscape, insects like the lyme disease tick and disease carrying mosquitos annoy others and can pose a serious health risk to your family and pets.

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Other tick and mosquito companies use convenient, cheap, and weak backpack misters to provide services. Our spray equipment is expensive, powerful. and far more effective. Trusted, guaranteed results.

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Protection All Year Long

Protect your beautiful landscape and ensure your trees and ornamentals are protected all year long with our seasonal treatments designed specifically for Long Island’s climate and insects. Whether you are seeking tree spraying for disease and insect control on the East end of Long Island or Nassau County, across the north and south shores, we can help you all year long:

Spring & Fall are a time of preventative insect control and require the application of dormant oils. This application kills insect eggs and prevents infestations from occurring. These oils are applied to the bark and leaf surface of your plants and suffocate any existing insect eggs, stopping them before they damage and destroy your plants. Dormant oils can also help with certain diseases trees may become infected with.

Summer oil is a treatment applied to the bark and foliage of trees, shrubs and ornamentals. This treatment is essential for the health of all types of shrubs and ornamentals. At this time of year, Long Island is at its most beautiful, so make sure your trees are too so you can best enjoy the view from your own home.

Winter protection of trees and all of your plants calls for a waxy coating applied to all evergreens and flowering plants that maintain their leaves. Winter protection of shrubs or trees are typically done late fall through winter months. Our product forms a protective coating on the foliage of shrubs, to ensure they do not become dry and brittle and possibly crack, causing damage.


Disease Response for Fruit Trees

Often with certain trees, such as fruit bearing trees like apple trees, disease can cripple the tree’s natural fruit yield. You may find yourself disappointed that when once you could go in your backyard and pick and apple, now your favorite tree is bare. This of course can be caused by a multitude of things but common problems for fruit trees are fungus and disease.

Apple Tree Scab is a common problem caused by the fungus Venturia Inaequalis. A mild case of the disease causes small dark green spots on the leaves. A severe case causes the entire leaf to brown and fall from the tree. Luckily there are organic and synthetic sprays available to combat this disease. Dormant oils are usually effective on this disease.

Fireblight is another common bacterial disease affecting the apple tree and its relatives common throughout New York. Infected twigs will appear wet and then turn dark brown or black. The blight then spreads from twigs to branches to the entire bark of the tree. It is named “fireblight” as it leaves the tree with a charred appearance. To fight this bacterial disease the infected parts of the tree must be cut off and a solution such as one that is one part bleach and nine parts water can help avoid contamination from tools to other trees.

For all of your disease-fighting needs trust Alternative EarthCare’s expertise to bring your trees back to life and protect your other plants from cross contamination. We offer free estimates and examinations to begin the process and will work with you 100% of the way to ensure you receive the best service for your beautiful Long Island landscape.

Review by Margaret M. – Babylon, NY
Project: Tree Care and Spraying
Comments: Call back was very prompt. I sent photos of my tree and tried to explain the problem. They got back to me and offered a solution.

Very content with the service and response.

Review by Joe G. – Coram, NY
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: Before calling them, my yard was over run with caterpillars. Since they have sprayed, I have not seen one. The technician who sprayed said that it was the end of the season and most might be dead already so it might just be coincidental timing… I also had them put something down for ants and I have not seen an ant since. They usually don’t appear until it really heats up and the weather has been cool. So again… coincidental timing or not? I am not sure but all I know is I have not seen a caterpillar or ant since they treated my property.

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