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How to protect yourself from Mosquitoes and Mosquito Bites

Stop Bites On Your Person 

The best way to avoid being bitten is to decrease mosquito habitat and make yourself less desirable to them. The EPA says the following is best way to keep mosquitoes away from your person: 

-Keep mosquitoes away from exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and socks. 

-Tuck shirts into pants and pants into socks to cover gaps in your clothing where mosquitoes can get to your skin. 

-Stay indoors when possible, especially if there is a mosquito-borne disease warning in effect. 

-Use EPA-registered mosquito repellents when necessary and follow label directions and precautions closely. 

-Use head nets, long sleeves and long pants if you venture into areas with high mosquito populations, such as salt marshes. 

-Replace your outdoor lights with yellow “bug” lights, which tend to attract fewer mosquitoes than ordinary lights. The yellow lights are NOT repellents, however. 


Take Away Their Habitat 

As far as getting rid of mosquito habitat, there are a few things you can do: 

  • Screen in your porch 
  • Add outdoor fans 
  • Mosquitoes have trouble flying in wind.  
  • Oscillating fans give the most protection because of the irregular air flow. 
  • Cut back weeds and mow the lawn 
  • Mosquitoes hide from the heat in foliage to avoid dehydration 
  • Install traps 
  • CO2 traps work better than others 
  • Eliminate standing water 
  • This includes putting circulator’s in any water feature (fountains, ponds, etc.) 
  • Remember to check everything, even toys that are left out. 
  • Use Cedar Mulch 
  • The scent drives insects away from the area 
  • Help out the predators 
  • Building bat boxes, bird houses, and homes for other animals that eat mosquitoes 
  • Grow mosquito repelling plants 
  • In Particular plants such as marigolds, mint, mums, and alliums 
  • Get rid of wind breaks 
  • Again wind is not a friend to mosquitoes 
  •  Remove algae from ponds 
  • Algae is food for mosquito larvae 
  •  Get your neighbors involved 
  • The mosquitoes in your yard did not all come from your property. 
  •  Use approved sprays 


Mosquito season is fast approaching. Plan now, be happy later! While all these actions must be taken no matter if you hire a professional service or not, you need a professional grade answer to a professional grade problem. 


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