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Banish Mosquito Bites as we begin to enter near the Summer

Long Island March 15, 2020

Banish mosquito bites

Summer is coming, and you’re ready for the adventures and outdoor time that the season brings. Although it’s easy to love the long summer days and late summer nights, you probably don’t love mosquito bites. Unless you stay indoors all summer long, you’re bound to get bit by a mosquito this summer. Most mosquito bites are harmless, but they can cause discomfort and itching. In some situations, mosquitos can even carry infectious diseases. You probably don’t want to spend all summer sitting indoors, so let’s talk about how you can banish mosquito bites and enjoy your summer.

Know when and where Mosquito’s bite


It’s possible to get a mosquito bite at anytime during the summer months. However, there are certain times and places when mosquitoes are much more likely to bite. Knowing the popular biting times and places will help you avoid or prepare for prime biting time. Mosquitoes are most likely to bite:

  • From dusk to dawn. If you know you’ll be outside anytime from sundown to sunup, you’re much more likely to get bit. Mosquitoes start to become active in the cooler evening hours and stay active until morning.
  • Near standing water. Mosquitoes love standing water. Sleeping or playing near standing water like lakes or ponds means you’re more likely to get a mosquito bite.

How to avoid mosquito bites


Although it’s always good to expect a mosquito bite or two, there are things you can do to avoid getting bitten. These include:

  • Wear long sleeves and pants. It’s not a guarantee, but more clothing cover means it’ll be more difficult for mosquitos to reach your skin.
  • Avoid prime mosquito time. Once the sun starts to go down, it’s prime feeding season for mosquitoes. Go inside.
  • Avoid being near standing water like ponds or lakes. Especially when it’s cool or dark.
  • Use mosquito nets or tents while camping. Drape them over baby car seats and strollers.
  • Apply bug repellant products containing DEET to your skin and/or clothing. DEET has a proven track-record of working to detract mosquitos. Don’t waste your money on clips or fans as they don’t work.
  • Don’t give up on natural bug repellant alternatives. Lemon eucalyptus oil works somewhere between two to five hours, and citronella lasts between 20-30 minutes. Just be aware, that some oils can cause irritation on your skin, especially for young children.


Bug repellant application tips

No one really enjoys applying bug spray in the summer. But it’s a proven method to repel bugs and mosquitoes. Here are a few tips for application.

  • Never spray mosquito repellant directly onto your face. Instead, spray it into your hands and apply to your face.
  • Don’t apply mosquito repellant to your baby or toddlers’ hands. Kids tend to suck on their fingers.
  • Always apply bug repellant in well ventilated areas and away from food preparation areas.
  • Read the label! A bug repellant with 10 percent DEET will cover you for two hours. Don’t choose products with more than 40 percent DEET. You don’t need to reapply. Always follow the directions on your product label.


After you’ve been bit by a mosquito

No matter what you do, sometimes you just get bit by a mosquito. Taking care of your mosquito bites properly can help you avoid scarring on your skin. Avoid itching a mosquito bite. Yes, it’s tough to do. But, the more you itch, the more likely you are to have scarring. Apply aloe vera or calamine lotion to soothe the irritation and itch of mosquito bites. Your bites should go away within a few days if you avoid itching them.

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