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Alternative Earthcare Tree and Lawn Systems Commercial Division In Conjunction With Village of Rockville Centre Bradford Pear Tree Restoration


About Alternative Earthcare Tree and Lawn Systems Commercial Division

We been working with Village of Rockville Center to repair the
Bradford Pear Trees from being destroyed from a fungus and a disease that
caused an orange colored fungus to appear on the leaves of  the trees which
will lead to disintergration of the leaf and eventually will kill the
tree completely.


We have been given specific permisson from the Mayor of Rockville Centre
and Department of Public Works to work in conjunction and treat the trees in the Rockville
Centre Village to remove the Pear Trellis Rust disease from the trees without having to remove the exisiting trees and restoring them to their natural color and beauty.


Alternative Earthcare Commercial Property Services
Call Tom Cush at 631-236-2152

Here’s what Alternative Earthcare can do for your Commercial or Residential Property:
Identify your individual needs and objectives
Lawn and Tree Fungus and Disease Identification and Treatment
Growth Regulation Service
Other Services that will free your staff to concentrate on day-to-day maintenance
Consultation and Estimates available
100% natural organic fertilizer options available
Guaranteed results
Check backs every 2 weeks for review of treatments completed

At Alternative Earthcare, we understand that you are doing a lot more
than maintaining grass, trees and shrubs at your properties. You are
involved in maintaining memories for your customers. So our
professionals understand that it takes time and sensitive care to
maintain your property. We also know that in providing this care for
your property it can be a very demanding job, and we recognize the role
that a healthy, well-groomed lawn plays in helping you market and manage
your property.

Alternative Earthcare services Condominiums,
Apartment Complexes, Industrial Properties, Cemeteries and Large Scale
Communities. We service, but not limited too all of : Nassau, Suffolk,
Brooklyn and Queens Counties.