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Alternative EarthCare Shares a Fall Checklist for Organic Mosquito Control on the East End and in Nassau County

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., September 12, 2017 Alternative EarthCare has been providing quality residential and commercial services across Long Island, New York since 1996. Specializing in mosquito, flea, and Hampton’s  tick control service, traditional lawn services (including aeration and seeding), irrigation system services, tree removal and pruning, and Christmas and holiday light installation, the team of professionals successfully caters to your needs in the least toxic, most organic way possible.

Too many Long Islanders get a false sense of security about diminishing mosquito populations once the summer ends. Fortunately, our Northeast summers have been carrying on well into the fall. Unfortunately, this means an active mosquito population in the fall as well. Alternative EarthCare shares a fall checklist for organic mosquito control in Nassau County.

  • Continue to minimize habitats in the fall Fall is no time to cease mosquito-repelling maintenance. Continue to remove any standing water from tarps, toys, and containers. Drill holes in the bottoms of planters, garbage cans and recycling bins for water drainage. Maintain a neat yard to minimize breeding and habitation grounds.
  • Utilize organic mosquito control on people and pets when outside Organic sprays or mixtures of essential oils known to repel mosquitoes can protect people and pets from mosquito bites and the harmful diseases they can spread such as West Nile Virus.  Organic oil sprays and rubs, such as lemon, eucalyptus, geranium, and citronella, are people and pet safe and will keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Obtain organic mosquito spray treatments throughout the fall Organic mosquito spraying should continue throughout the fall season every three to four weeks for the best possible protection against potentially dangerous mosquito bites. Professional treatments will ensure the correct and personalized approach to the individual property. Professionals treat property borders, plantings, trees, pool and pond areas, and any other potential habitats for a property that’s as mosquito-free as possible.
  • Fall plantings Both to minimize mosquito populations for the remainder of the year and to minimize them in the year to come, plant natural mosquito-repelling plants throughout the property. Autumn air, while still warm, is considerably cooler than the harsh summer heat, making it a great time to plant perennials. The less intense weather is good for new plantings. Plant mosquito-repelling perennials such as citronella grass, bee-balm, and catnip.

Serving both Suffolk and Nassau County, including the East End and the Hamptons, Alternative EarthCare offers a variety of organic, non-toxic lawn care services for your home or business. In addition to beautifying and maintaining properties, the award-winning staff is also dedicated to the safety and health of their customers.