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Alternative EarthCare Discusses 3 Reasons Spring Root Feeding is an Important Part of Spring Tree and Shrub Programs

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., January 31, 2017 Alternative EarthCare has been providing quality residential and commercial services across Long Island, New York since 1996. Specializing in mosquito, flea, and Hampton’s tick control service, traditional lawn services (including aeration and seeding), irrigation system services, tree removal and pruning, and Christmas and holiday light installation, the team of professionals successfully caters to your needs in the least toxic, most organic way possible.

Timing is quite important when it comes to property maintenance. Spring root feeding is no exception. Springtime deep root feeding helps to ensure healthy and vibrant trees by addressing growth problems, tree disease, compacted soil around roots, helping to prevent insect infestations, and other tree health issues, before the upcoming growing season when these problems can escalate. The feedings infuse nutrients, allow better oxygen flow, and, ensure water penetration, resulting in healthier and more beautiful trees than when left untreated or when treated at the wrong time of year. Alternative EarthCare discusses three reasons spring root feeding is an important part of spring tree and shrub programs.

  1. Ensuring a balanced distribution of nutrients Nutrient balance is vital for the health of trees and shrubs. Addressing spring deep root feeding during springtime tree and shrub maintenance programs ensure that the proper nutrients in the proper amounts are distributed to the different landscape components. By handling these treatments together, it’s easy to track which nutrients and in what amount have been applied to different areas to ensure that there is not too much or too little of any nutrient applied to yield the best results.
  2. Address tree and shrub health before the active growth season Before roots and the rest of trees begin their growing season, infusing them with the necessary nutrients will help to ensure healthy and vibrant results. Spring deep root feeding in conjunction with your tree and shrub program assists with root growth, foliage health and vibrant coloring, more blooms, stronger stems and branches, and the overall vigor of trees and shrubs.
  3. Spring deep root feeding helps with insect and disease resistance The best time to address tree disease and insect infestations are before they become an issue. Spring root feeding in conjunction with other springtime maintenance such as annual tree and shrub programs will ensure the proper timing of root feeding for the best results possible. Spring root feeding will keep insects at bay and minimize damage from existing tree disease while also helping to prevent new tree disease.

Serving both Suffolk and Nassau County, including the East End and the Hamptons, Alternative EarthCare offers a variety of organic, non-toxic lawn care services for your home or business. In addition to beautifying and maintaining properties, the award-winning staff is also dedicated to the safety and health of their customers.