Alternative Earthcare is the licensed and insured tick control company on Long Island that you can count on. For over 20 years, Alternative Earthcare has been eliminating ticks and other backyard pests, in an effort to control the ticks that cause Lyme disease, Powassan Virus and Babeososis from the various forms of ticks living in and around your property.




Just one tick bite can result in getting Lyme’s Disease. The regimen to treat such a disease is the use of all the supplements and antibiotics in the picture’s below.


            LYME DISEASE MEDICINE                   






April – This is the foundation of tick control. Eliminating the emerging adult ticks before the reproduce is the key to success in tick control on Long Island NY.

May to June – This application is best in targeting eggs and fully mature ticks. Killing the females are imperative in tick extermination.

July to August – This tick removal application targets hatching eggs, ultimately leading to the control of a large and dangerouspopulation of deer ticks and other common Long Island ticks.

September – Performed to maintain and kill any unwanted ticks brought into your home or on your property through clothing transfer, pets and other reasons.

October to November – This is when ticks on Long Island become most aggressive. In an attempt to feed before hibernation, ticks are the biggest problem on Long Island NY.


Our horticulture sprays are applied every 3-4 weeks. Our Long Island tick control experts will come onto the property and spray any and all trees, shrubs, and grounds as well as property lines, pool areas, ponds etc. This will drastically help with the tick population on your property so there will no longer be a threat to you and your family!



Tick Control

Non – Spray Tick Control:

Spring/Fall – Damminix tick applications. Best for use in yards near woods or fields. Tubes of tick poisoned cotton treated with Premetherin which are strategically places around your property. Rodents and other small animals are huge carriers of ticks. By smaller animals using this cotton as bedding in the wooded area’s we are able to take the treatment deeper into the woods where the ticks live and populate.


Other tick and mosquito companies use convenient, cheap, and weak backpack misters to provide services. Our spray equipment is expensive, powerful, and far more effective. Trusted, guaranteed results.

Other Companies Use Weak Backpack Misters
(see photo and watch video below)

Alternative Earthcare uses a Powerful and More Effective Spray Truck
(see photo and watch video below)

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