Mosquito Control on Long Island

Alternative Earthcare is the original dedicated tick and mosquito control company with over 28 years of extensive knowledge servicing Long Island’s East End – From Riverhead to Montauk and including the Hamptons and North Fork.

We are a privately family owned and operated company that specializes in organic and synthetic control methods that offer the most environmentally safe and effective methods available. We are also fully licensed and insured by the D.E.C.

Tick Control

Alternative Earthcare’s tick treatment program has been developed through years of comprehensive and thorough investigation into every possible method to control the flow of ticks on your property. Applications last up to four weeks and a full-season program completely eliminates all ticks in treated areas. Services feature both monthly spray applications and non-spray applications.

Mosquito Control

Alternative Earthcare Mosquito Control focuses on an organic mosquito control utilizing garlic oil and diatomaceous earth. After this spray application, the garlic eliminates mosquitoes. We also use a permethrin based spray, same ingredient used in dog collars. We guarantee our results.

Alternative Earthcare operates its East End Tick and Mosquito Services from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday all year long. We have trucks in your area every day !!!

Other tick and mosquito companies use convenient, cheap, and weak backpack misters to provide services. Our spray equipment is expensive, powerful, and far more effective. Trusted, guaranteed results.

Other Companies Use Weak Backpack Misters
(see photo and watch video below)

Alternative Earthcare uses a Powerful and More Effective Spray Truck
(see photo and watch video below)

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