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Why A Sprinkler Irrigation System Is A Great Investment in the Spring of 2020

Long Island march 1, 2020

Why A Sprinkler Irrigation System Is A Great Investment

Some homeowners may feel that installing an automated, in-ground sprinkler irrigation system is a luxury item and not necessary, however an installed irrigation system can actually pay for itself over time in the form of water cost savings. Plus, irrigation systems are easy to use and efficient at distributing uniform water to your landscape which keeps all of your grass, plants and flowers thriving. Many homeowners are also surprised at how affordable a new sprinkler system really is. An in-ground sprinkler irrigation system offers many benefits including environmental, financial and overall aesthetic benefits which we will discuss in greater detail in this article.

Environmental Benefits
Irrigation system manufactures and designers have come a long way over the years. Systems that are on the market today are built with sophisticated moisture sensors, water gauges and timers that work together to give your landscape just the right amount of water based up on each watering zone’s unique needs. Because sprinkler irrigation systems are designed for efficient and effective water usage very little water is wasted as compared to manual watering devices that are often hard to set-up and manage.

Financial Benefits
A beautifully maintained landscape can instantly improve a home’s curb appeal and add real dollar value to a home’s resale value, to the tune of about 15%. In addition to the added home resale value of a healthy beautiful lawn, a sprinkler irrigation system can also provide a water cost savings because they are designed to reduce water runoff waste. As if those financial benefits of an in-ground sprinkler irrigation system are not enough there is also a third financial benefit for homeowners in the form of time savings – when you install an automated irrigation system you will save lots of time by not having to manually water your lawn which has been found to be inefficient anyway.

Aesthetic Benefits
When your lawn and surrounding landscape is properly water – not under watered or over watered, your property’s curb appeal and resale value are instantly increased. Your yard will be healthy and thriving and a delight to enjoy with family and friends. Another great feature of sprinkler irrigation system is that they are low-profile, meaning you rarely see the sprinkler heads except for the short period of time they rise up to water. After the watering is completed (usually just 15-30 minutes once per day) the sprinkler heads lower back down into the ground leaving a wide-open lawn for pets and kids to play.

​If you are interested in installing an in-ground sprinkler irrigation system on your property, please consider giving our team of experts a call. We have designed and installed thousands of irrigation systems over the years and can work with you and your budget to design an irrigation system to fit your needs. Give us a call today and let’s get started!