Lawn Sprinkler Company in Suffolk County

Alternative Earthcare/Supergreen Irrigation in Suffolk County offers the following services as single maintenance services or a complete program with discounts available.


SPRING START –UP OF LAWN SPRINKLER SYSTEM: This service involves starting up the system for the summer, known as a spring start up. This service involves turning on the water, setting the clock, adjusting and repairing any components, valves, heads, lines in the system that need addressing, and running the system, making sure everything is working at top efficiency.



EARLY SUMMER CHECK UP: This service is done around June when it begins to warm up and involves resetting the clock program for longer watering times. The temperatures are coming up and require more water to be applied. This service involves our technicians also making sure that nothing has changed in terms of coverage. Sometimes as your plants grow they have a tendency to block the heads and the water coverage. This is an important time of the year for your plants growth cycle. Your systems filters will also be checked and flushed from contaminants. All smart systems will be checked and reset if necessary including, any rain sensors, weather monitoring sensors etc. When we leave the system will be perfect.



WINTERIZATION: We also call this service our fall blow–out because it requires us to use a very strong compressor to blow all the water out of the entire system to prevent freezing and cracking of your systems components. When water freezes it expands and nothing can stop this expansion. Any water left in your lines or systems components over the winter will rupture and cause very expensive repairs. We generally do not make any repairs to the system during this time as the system will not be used for the next 5 months.




Having an in ground lawn and landscape sprinkler system is THE single best possible factor in maintaining the vitality and health of your property. A sprinkler system can be and should be way more than just about the lawn. Every living plant or tree or shrub on your property needs water to survive, and Mother Nature does not always cooperate with regular watering. Our technicians have for over 37 years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing lawn sprinkler systems here in Suffolk County. Alternative Earthcare/Supergreen Irrigation is also fully licensed, certified, and adequately insured. We also make sure we are always doing our homework and using the best products available period. Products like weather activated water metering software controllers that save lots of water and money on water bills, or the latest in anywhere control and smart home technology, we have all the latest and greatest TOP QUALITY products.



Damage that requires repair to your sprinkler system can happen for a variety of reasons. Weather we have a harsh winter or damage happens to the system for a different reason like a lawn mower or snow plow or too much water pressure, it is very important that the system gets serviced immediately and is always operating at peak efficiency. If a leak is left unfixed for example your water bill could increase significantly or if one or several sprinkler heads is not replaced or repaired you could lose some plant material due to lack of water. A problematic sprinkler system will not take long to show up with your lawn showing dark brown areas and develop other problems requiring expensive renovation. There are many concerns that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a quality company to make those repairs. When your plants really need water in the early spring or during a bad summer drought you need a real “service“ oriented company that has a passion for repairing your lawn sprinkler system right the first time as if it were our own system at our Suffolk County homes.





Technology is always changing and that includes smart controllers for irrigation systems. It really is amazing what these system controllers can do. They are easily added to your existing or new system in 30 minutes and are no bigger than a desk calculator. From predicting the weather and turning off the system before it rains to saving water to alerting you if the system is not operating properly, even getting real time personalized diagnostic water usage reports, these controllers can really save the day. Seeing your neighbors sprinklers on in the rain is not only embarrassing but means they are paying for over-watering the lawn and possibly doing damage and encouraging fungus and disease. We are a fully certified smart technology company. We work with all the top brands of controllers including Rachio, Toro, Hunter, Irritrol and others. Please see below just a few of the benefits of these great products. Call us today to schedule a demonstration and get a free estimate.



Save water! Save big money on water bill! At least 30-35 percent savings! You can control irrigation system from anywhere on your cell phone or web interface! System controls itself as quick as the weather changes, even predicts the weather or rain event and adjusts watering times accordingly! Get full personalized dashboard diagnostic water usage reports on your computer or cell phone! Automatic rain and freeze delay built in! Handheld remotes come with the system! System will alert you if not running properly with e-mails or phone alert!


System knows exactly how much to water and will not over-water! System will do automatic seasonal adjustments to watering times! No more changing the clock! Let our SuffolkCounty based technician come and install this system for you and give you the safety and security you deserve in your home here on Suffolk County.


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