Lawn sprinklers-sprinkler maintenance, service and installations

Early spring is the time to turn on the lawn sprinkler system. Usually around the beginning of spring the weather starts to change and your landscape begins to wake up. It’s been a long winter and the freezing temperatures, harsh cold and snow have taken their toll. These conditions even after a proper winterizing can be extremely hard on your sprinkler systems components. Constant temperature variations, freezing and thawing, cause expansion and contraction as well as condensation, all of which wreak havoc on your systems connections, seals, valves, heads etc. It takes a careful, thorough process to properly wake up the sprinkler system and make sure it gets back to best levels of performance. Turning on the system is not just a matter of opening up the main water valve and setting the clock. Supergreen certified technicians use a very comprehensive, tried and true systematic checklist of procedures to make sure we get the sprinkler system working its best. THE FIRST TIME!

Irrigigation Sprint Start Ups


All of us at Supergreen know when it comes to sprinkler companies here on Long Island there are many to choose from. We realize that it is so important to give the best customer experience possible to create the loyalty from you the customer. We are up to that challenge! There is nothing worse than the inconvenience of a service company missing an appointment, showing up late, or not at all. Our “ON TIME GUARANTEE” takes our service to the next level. You can also set your appointment by phoning in a request, or having it preset through our reliable ONLINE scheduling system. We promise not to miss a beat and keep our promises to be there on time!


What separates Supergreen from the landscaper or the handyman, or even yourself turning on your sprinkler system?

SIMPLE ….RESULTS!!! Other than a top line professional service, no DIY Guy or landscaper can provide the below services to your system, to get it working perfect the first time LIKE WE DO !!!

  1. All Valves and drain plugs must be checked and resealed
  2. Carefully open the supply valves and pressurize the supply lines with water main valves
  3. Repower the clock, backflow device, valves, well systems etc.
  4. Visually inspect all components for leaks including valves in manifolds during operation

Irrigigation Sprint Start Ups

Power up all individual zones and do a detailed inspection of all the supply lines. Check all the sprinkler mist and rotary heads, threaded extension risers, exercise the drip irrigation lines and the emitters for proper operation and water flow direction. Check for proper coverage and the correct performance pressure. All repairs and changes will go into a formal written quote for service. Some common over wintering repairs and adjustments are:

  • Flower bed irrigation mist heads may need to be adjusted for height due to plant material and perennial flower growth.
  • Pop up sprinkler heads many need to be relocated or we may need to add additional risers due to plant material or flower growth, or the relocation of shrubs or any landscape changes, fence installations, added decks, swimming pools etc.
  • Replace all clogged nozzles and components
  • Repair leaks in all sprinkler lines
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for water flow direction and volume required for the specific area they are watering.
  • All other inspections and final adjustments to the rain sensors, electronic control valves, wiring and any shut off isolation valves will be performed.
  • Additional repairs or any proposed alterations will be discussed with you prior and a quote will be provided for approval.
  • Your clock will be programmed for the proper watering times and seasonal durations and the battery backup can be replaced if requested.
  • The system will be rerun after all the repairs are completed. The system is now in perfect working order
  • Our Annual Backflow Testing is we work with state certified backflow testers that will perform the required annual testing to ensure that your backflow device valve is operating properly. Our technicians use very specific calibrated testing tools to assure your drinking water has no containment in the home water lines. Supergreen then submits all necessary paperwork to your designated governing water authority.
Irrigigation Sprint Start Ups

From the Start Up to Maintenance to Closing, Supergreen has everything covered and will be at your service to ensure your lawn sprinkler system is giving your home the best possible irrigation possible. Please remember that all of our service appointments are backed by our ON TIME GUARANTEE.

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE ON OUR SPRINKLER TURN ON SERVICE. We have trucks in Nassau, Suffolk, and the East End of Long Island every day.