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Can Your Lawn Pass an Unannounced Spring Inspection?

Long Island March 8, 2020

Can Your Lawn Pass an Unannounced Spring Inspection?

​A healthy lawn is a happy lawn, and by following these steps you can rest easy, knowing that your lawn is ready for spring. Installing an efficient irrigation system, performing a sprinkler blowout, and soil analysis effectively increases the wellness of your lawn, and properly assessing your lawn’s overall soil condition helps you determine how best to prepare your lawn for spring.

Getting your lawn ready in advance guarantees you’ll pass any unannounced spring inspection. Having a plan and knowing what needs to be done is essential, and these tips will assist you in promoting your lawn’s total health.

Sprinkler Blowout
If you blew out your sprinklers in preparation for proper spring sprinkler operation, then your lawn is right on track. Performing a sprinkler blowout prior to the beginning of winter safeguards you from having to deal with issues that may occur once your sprinkler system is active again. Winterizing your sprinkler system prevents pipes from cracking or bursting, saving you the time and hassle of having to possibly install a new sprinkler system. Hiring a professional to blowout your sprinklers makes your spring lawn preparation simpler, and they can suggest additional treatments to increase the health of your lawn before the beginning of the spring.

Soil analysis
Soil analysis is highly beneficial for determining the health of your soil. Having a professional analyze your soil helps them to find out what your lawn’s precise needs are. If valuable nutrients are discovered to be low, they can be easily integrated back into the soil to increase future growth. Adding more fertilizer at the beginning of spring, prepares your lawn for the rest of the season and restores any missing nutrients, giving you the healthy lawn that you want.

Irrigation system
Irrigation of your lawn is vital to preserve the soil’s nutrients and prevent weeds from growing and spreading. Installing a proper irrigation system ensures that your lawn will be evenly watered, saving you time, water, and money. An effective system for irrigating your lawn will also improve its growth, allowing it to flourish while conserving important nutrients. No matter what type of system you choose, irrigating your lawn is essential for its health and continual growth and is essential for passing a spring inspection.

Now that you’ve properly prepared your lawn for spring by implementing a system for irrigation, blowing out your sprinklers, and having your soil analyzed, your lawn is ready to pass any unannounced spring inspection.